Traditional elegance

The essence of dressing

  • Shirts

    Our tailored shirts, which ensure a perfect fit and have French seams throughout, feature structured collars, sturdy mother-of-pearl buttons or contemporary galalith buttons.

  • Fabrics

    Di Veroli Tailoring has selected fabrics for its customers from the most highly specialised Italian and English woollen mills, cloths which have been manufactured specifically for the tailoring industry.

  • MADE-to-Measure

    The pleasure of having a garment made-to-measure by expert craftsmen is a trend that has continued to grow over the years and has become a 'way of life' in its own right.


In an era of luxury, the greatest privilege is to be able to differentiate yourself from others.

Donato Di Veroli

The creations


The garments

Suits created through precision tailoring characterised by distinctive touches and attention to detail. Your choices combine with our experience to create superbly detailed garments.


Our formal wear collection has been designed to meet all your expectations, in order to be the perfect protagonist on the day you say ‘I do’.


At Di Veroli Tailoring, luxury translates as the utmost expression of the ancient art of Italian craftsmanship, in creating top-quality garments for the luxury market.